Es un dicho viejo, “Fools’ names and fools’ faces are often seen in public places.” Los nombres y las caras de tonto aparecen frecuentemente en los espacios públicos.

The first time I saw this saying, it was carved in a bathroom wall and, at ten years old, I thought it quite clever. I later came to realize that it was quite common. Here, I’d like to critique and scrutinize those things which are such a part of the common view that they are often nearly unseen, unexamined.

Whether it’s the simple pleasure of sitting by a fountain on a sunny day or the inconvenience of a blocked sidewalk, public space is a precious resource. It’s also extremely undervalued. Yet details we absorb while passing through public areas inform our mood, impression of a place, our experience of the world. Urban public space, exploited and rare, will be a focus of this blog.

Language. This blog will be bilingual at the discretion of the author; it won’t be translated. Some entries will be 50-50, others will be exclusively in English or exclusively written en español, and I’ll mix the two languages at times when I feel the words could be mutually intelligible (or 80%ish so).

Mi propósito con este blog es generar contenido crítico (pero no tan crítico) y bilingüe (pero no completamente bilingüe) que analiza materia muy cotidiana: los espacios públicos y las cosas que contienen. Especialmente (pero no exclusivamente) quiero hacia los anuncios que están insoslayable estropean o aumentan nuestra vista.